Environmental Statement

These are some of the specific actions we have and are taking towards improving our environmental standing within our own manufacturing complex.

These initiatives are in addition to the relevant steps taken in relation to the sourcing of raw materials used to manufacture our jewellery products – for further details, please refer to our Code of Conduct here


  • Our staff participate in and support the company’s policy of removing all single use plastic (SUP) from the workplace – all SUP has been eliminated, equating up to 1.5 tonnes of SUP per year
  • Our entire production line and product storage areas have ceased all use of SUP by adopting HOME compostable plastic bags and other initiatives
  • Most shipped products are now being packed in HOME compostable bags made from renewable and sustainably resourced cellulose film, itself derived from wood pulp originating from managed plantations
  • The film used in these cellulose-based bags carries a number of certifications and approvals, including HOME COMPOSTABILITY and MARINE BIODEGRADATION
  • Products used for bulk packaging and shipment are now 100% recyclable
  • We have launched the Being Humanity® initiative to help the wider Jewellery industry in doing its part to reduce the humungous volumes of plastic waste accumulation by promoting the use of HOME compostable plastic bags and other eco-friendly products in their business operations.  We encourage all our customers and suppliers to consider moving away from SUP in their businesses. – please refer to our Being Humanity website for more details of this initiative


  • We have over 2,600sqm (or 40% of our total compound land area) being utilised as landscaped gardens and lawns including cultivated areas for flowers, shrubs, herbs and vegetables, and with around 20 large mature trees and a dozen or so maturing trees, plus two shaded gazebos for staff use
  • It’s estimated that our trees sequester approx. 3.5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year, with plans for us to double this contribution over time
  • We are continually expanding and maturing our onsite gardens and tree planting areas in order to maximise our carbon sequestration ability


  • Waste produced from our administration and production areas is recycled either onsite or by specialised external providers, with absolute minimum volumes going to government processing facilities – waste recycling bins are provided throughout the building and conscious steps are taken to help minimise waste production in the first place
  • We have onsite composting facilities which process most of the bio-based waste from our office, kitchen/canteen and garden areas, as well as soiled pre- and post-production packaging, with the resultant humus being recycled back into our onsite gardens
  • All other onsite waste is separated and either sold for recycling or is commercially processed, with minimal general waste going to collection or disposal
  • We support the circular economy and its principal that products need to be designed from the outset to minimise waste. At the end of their life, our jewellery products can be recycled with the metal and stone content being largely recoverable for reuse or being refined
  • Power and water consumption is regularly monitored and analysed and specific steps taken to reduce and minimise their use