In 2015, all UN member states agreed to adopt 17 sustainable development goals which are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and to improve the lives and prospects of people worldwide.  The initial and current target to reach the agreed goals is set to 2030.

While there is still much to be done, we believe that all businesses have a part to play towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because the work can not be left to government bodies and community groups alone.  Together we are all world citizens.

More information on SDG’s may be found on the UN website here

In the context of the UN’s development goals, Jewelarc takes its responsibilities towards its customers, the environment and its staff very seriously.  We are here for the long haul and are committed to play our part in helping to improve and protect the earth, its finite resources and the lives and the standing of all people we come into contact with.

The following is a summary of some of the actions and policies we follow in pursing the above.


  • We operate a world-class environmentally sound manufacturing and customer service business out of modern and spacious premises located in Thailand, and pride ourselves on providing a clean, safe and nurturing work environment to all staff
  • We meet or exceed all requirements and standards mandated by Thai Government Labour laws and regulations, which are heavily protective of worker rights in this country
  • Labour laws include stipulations over employee age, worker classification, salary rates, overtime rates and durations, meal allowances, annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, business leave, public holidays and other leave allowances, as well as working conditions and workplace health and safety
  • Staff are in no way encumbered to us for any reason and are free to take leave or end their employment in accordance with Thai Labour entitlements
  • Staff are not required to lodge bonding deposits or their identity papers with us for any reason
  • Staff are provided with written details of their employment terms and conditions, company policies and general guidelines. Relevant staff are also bound to normal commercial confidentiality requirements to protect our suppliers and customers rights
  • Employees have the right to organise or join or form trade unions of their choosing and to negotiate collectively
  • Staff are not discriminated against and we do not tolerate discriminatory behaviour within the workforce
  • Staff are treated with respect and dignity and are encouraged to offer up suggestions to improve working procedures and the work environment
  • Staff wages are paid regularly and with no unauthorised deductions, and with full details provided on wage advice slips
  • Overtime is not mandated and is a personal decision by each staff
  • Staff are paid in excess of minimum legal salaries and the company freely makes provident fund contributions to match those from employees
  • The business funds a staff medical expenses scheme
  • All staff are provided with uniforms or company clothing
  • Staff are paid annual bonuses, and participate in the many and varied company ceremonies, sporting events and trips away
  • Staff are provided with free annual medical checks conducted by external professionals
  • We look to promote staff internally when opportunities arise
  • All staff have access to free training, be that formal courses offered internally or externally, or on the job training and instruction
  • We have formal systems in place operated by HR management to monitor, assess and reward staff performance
  • We have operated free onsite nursery facilities for children of staff, to assist them through periods such as school holidays, family sickness, etc


  • Our office and production facilities are accommodated in a modern air-conditioned and licensed premises with modern and proper lighting, extensive window views to the outside, an open plan office environment, spacious and clear walkways, safety signage, emergency lighting, emergency building exits, emergency wash stations, first aid facilities, fire and intruder alarms, etc.
  • Emergency evacuation and fire fighting drills are regularly conducted in association with the local Fire Department authority
  • The business operates in a greenfield setting with most of our property area dedicated to gardens, lawns, composting facilities, sports areas and a dedicated staff cafeteria where subsidised meals are available daily.  We also provide onsite staff parking areas
  • Staff are encouraged to use the garden and lawn areas during breaks and even on weekends and holidays when they may not be working – open sports areas are provided plus shaded tables and seating
  • Bona fide customers and prospects are welcome to visit and inspect all aspects of our operations at any time
  • Full and thorough precautions are in place to help protect staff and visitors from workplace risks associated with COVID-19


  • In response to customer enquiries, we now offer laboratory-grown diamonds in addition to mined diamonds, and separately identify these on all our documentation.  There is a view that lab-grown diamonds benefit the earth and mankind by requiring less resources and causing less environmental impact, and also greatly help alleviate concerns about ‘blood diamonds’ or worker exploitation that can occur in diamond mining
  • All mined diamonds supplied by us are exclusively of natural origin and are untreated
  • All diamonds and coloured gems come from responsible sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with relevant UN resolutions
  • We provide these declarations based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the relevant suppliers
  • In recent years Jewelarc has been using recycled gold in its manufacturing process, in acknowledgment that recycling gold uses far fewer chemicals than mining, and it does so in a controlled fashion that helps to avoid any negative environmental issues
  • Because of limitations on supply and the availability of adequate volumes of recycled gold, we have now switched to exclusively use Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold, which can be traced directly to a single mine that has been independently certified to an internationally recognised responsibility standard.  In addition, SMO mines help enrich their local communities through healthcare, education, environmental protection and alternative livelihoods.  For more details refer to the SMO website here
  • Jewelarc is currently seeking collaborations with silver miners who follow eco-friendly methods of extraction, in order to further extend our environmental focus


  • Jewelarc Thailand is ISO certified in our processes and procedures covering all aspects of our jewellery design, manufacturing and trading operations, helping us to provide efficient and reliable services
  • Bureau Veritas, on behalf of an internationally recognised luxury brand jewellery retailer, have successfully completed a social audit on our manufacturing facility
  • Jewelarc is currently seeking membership to the Responsible Jewellery Council, the world’s leading sustainability standard setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry


Please refer to our separate Environmental Statement here for details of specific actions taken towards improving our environmental standing within our own manufacturing facilities.


Jewelarc is committed to the continual improvement and refinement of all aspects of our operations in order to meet our goal of being a responsible jeweller manufacturer, taking as little as possible from mother earth and giving back as much as possible to our staff and our customers.

The focus for all steps taken to date, including the actions and strategies listed above, has been to help make a solid contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all nations.  We believe we have assisted in the following SDGs: